Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Y’all, I have absolutely fallen in love with glitter eggs this year! They are so beautiful and such a different take on the traditional dyed Easter eggs. I thought I would share the “how to” with y’all for your Easter baskets this year.
You will need:
Large brown eggs
Large sewing needle
White glue
Small paintbrush
Paper plates
Lots of your favorite glitter colors
1. With the large sewing needle, poke a hole into one end of the egg. Wiggle the needle around for two reasons, to make the hole a little bigger, and to “scramble” the yolk inside the egg.
2. Poke a hole into the other end of the egg, and wiggle around for the same reason as above.
3. Put your mouth to one of the holes and blow real hard so that the inside of the egg comes out the other end of the egg. If your having trouble, make the hole a little bigger on one end.
4. Run the egg under cold water and let the water get into the egg, allow the egg to drain and dry COMPLETELY before you continue with the glitter.
5. With a small paintbrush, paint the egg with the white glue. Y’all should use brown eggs because you can see the glue much better using brown eggs, and you won’t have “naked” spots on the egg when you glitter.
6. Pour glitter on the paper plates and roll the egg in the glitter. Place egg back in the egg carton to dry. You may have to touch-up the glitter a little after the glitter has dried, but that’s ok.
7. Put in your Easter basket and watch the eyes light up!!!

TIP: I DO NOT suggest saving the contents of your eggs.
Happy Easter!

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