Thursday, February 28, 2008

Budget Kitchen

Remodeling BasicsRemodeling Basics: Cost-Conscious Tips and More

Beauty on a BudgetOutdated Kitchen Enters 21st Century

Flea-Market FindsFlea-Market Flourishes for the Kitchen

Setting a BudgetKitchen Remodel Budgeting: The Bottom Line

Pick-Me-UpsInexpensive Kitchen Pick-Me Ups

Low-Cost OutdoorsOptions for an Affordable Outdoor Kitchen

Refresher CourseFreshen Up with Paint and New Countertops

Budget MakeoverBudget Makeover: What You Get for $15,000

$40,000 KitchenThe Smart $40,000 Kitchen Makeover

$70,000 KitchenThe $70,000 Dream Kitchen Makeover

14 Budget Ideas14 Ideas to Help You Stay on Budget

Kitchen RefresherSensible Ideas for a Great New Kitchen

Vintage CountryA Kitchen Redo: Vintage Country on a Dime

Bistro StyleDecorate a Bistro-Style Kitchen on a Dime

Mexican KitchenInviting Mexican Kitchen on a Dime

Budget TuscanTuscan-Inspired Makeover on a Dime

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