Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beginning A HOME

We discovered that before we could begin a home efficiently, we first needed to define HOME:

"Wikipedia : A FREE Dictionary

A home is a place where a person, family, or group of people live together, usually in a relatively safe and comfortable environment.

While a house (or other residential dwelling) is often referred to as a "home," the concept of home is broader than a physical dwelling. Home is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade and the things and people that one loves becomes the focus. Many people think of home in terms of where they grew up, and "home" can even be a time rather than a place.[1] The word "home" is also used for various residential institutions which aspire to create a home-like atmosphere, such as a retirement home, a nursing home, a group home (an orphanage for children, a retirement home for adults, a treatment facility, etc.), a foster home, etc.

There are cultures which lack fixed homes, with
nomadic people often moving their homes from place to place.

Since it can be said that humans are generally creatures of habit, the state of a person's home has been known to physiologically influence their behavior, emotions, and overall mental health. For example, in the introduction to the film Patch Adams, home sweet home, the concept of "home" is compared to the human need for peaceful sanctuary, the absence of it thus leading to restlessness. Such restlessness, as can be seen by that particular case, may lead to depression and, ultimately, to a loss of sanity.[2]

The real-estate industry increasingly replaces the word house with 'home' in its literature, as in 'a four-bedroom home' or a 'modern townhome', a usage that is intended to suggest that the item being sold already has the emotional attributes of home before someone buys it."

WOW! This definition makes one stop and think, 'What things do I want to put in my home that will achieve the feeling of peace and tranquility?" Although we can provide lists and guides to help get one started on their way to making their own home fully functional, it is ultimately up to the people inhabiting the space that create the atmosphere so desired and long sought after, peace and tranquility. It will never be about the 'stuff' you put inside the four walls of a room. Our personal belief is that this begins and ends with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

With that being said, this website is underway! From time to time we will post lists, guides, and leads to other sites to help in the creation of a home and improving it's functionality. This is always an ongoing process, so it is highly recommended that everyone subscribe to this site to see new posts as they are posted. Remember, we can all use ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!

Happy Homemaking, Amber & Gail

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